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Our Awards 

We have received several industry awards for our superior design, along with our quality craftsmanship. You can see a few of our accolades below. While it’s an honor to be acknowledged by our peers, we live for customer satisfaction and stories of how much our home buyers love their new homes.

Parade of Homes Merit Award in the 2023

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First place winner for Parade of Homes in 2018

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One of the 10 best Custom Home Builders

In 2019, Home Builder’s Digest recognized Meridian as one of the 10 best Custom Home Builders in Central Florida.

Best Custom Home

In 2022, Meridian Homes was recognized by Aurora Awards as the Best Custom Home Under 4,000 SQ FT in Florida.

Member of Greater Orlando Builders Association

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Top 10% on Build Zoom for 2021

Received the distinction of being listed in the Top 10% on Build Zoom for 2021



I have known and represented Shane Acevedo for almost 15 years and have been involved from the beginning as he built his real estate development company and his team of professionals. After practicing law for 40 years and representing many developers I can say, without reservation, that I have been impressed with Shane’s ability to identify opportunities in the real estate market, creatively structure transactions and execute on his vision in order to deliver great homes for his clients and customers. His broad experience in all facets of the real estate business, including land acquisition, finance structure, marketing, development and construction are what enables him to deliver great homes and be a success In a very competitive real estate market. Shane also has identified excellent people to work with, from his construction partner, Ryan Courech, to his engineering firm, to marketing and sales. My team and law firm are proud to be a part of Shane’s team and look forward to many years of his success.

Dwayne Gray

I have been very impressed with the development team that Shane Acevedo has put together.  He and his team have been able to locate and contract exceptional development opportunities that oftentimes are not on the open market.  Once his team has the property under contract, he makes short work of getting the entitlements needed to develop the properties, secures the financing, and gets the sitework and construction started promptly.  Ryan Courech builds an outstanding product at reasonable pricing, even in this inflationary environment; Dwayne Gray and his legal team does a great job getting the municipality approvals, as well as closing the transactions.  I feel very fortunate and blessed to have been part of 2 of Shane’s projects, both were very successful and profitable! And both have very happy end users enjoying their homes now!

Andrew W. Russo, MBA

If you are thinking of renovating or building new, Meridian should be on your list. I have worked with them over a few years, and they are quality contractors who stand behind their work, and I am sure other past clients would agree. When you hire them, you will work directly with the principals of the company, they are hands on and communicate well.

It is a big decision to renovate or build, and Meridian understands the process and budgeting so there are no surprises. I have worked with them professionally and personally, they are great.

Allison Mosley

We love our new house built by Meridian Homes. Meridian takes pride in their work, and they stand by their product. Unlike some mass production builders that we looked at, Meridian spent quality time working with us to build our home. Even though they had already finished the design of our house by the time we bought in, the process felt very personal. We were impressed by all the design choices they made so we didn't really have to change anything. I am extremely impressed with the quality of construction, materials, appliances, and detail work.

I would say that the best thing I can say about Meridian, other than the quality of the work they do, is that they stand by their product. Like in any new construction, we have had a few small issues since we moved in (Jan 2014). They have been 100% accessible and responsive which, as I have heard from friends, is rare among most builders. I have Ryan's direct cell phone number, and he picks up when I call. He and the team bend over backwards for us to make us happy which is the biggest reason that I would recommend them to a friend.

For example, we had an issue with our gutter on the back porch that caused some water damage to the paint on the back door. They wasted no time in getting back over to replace the gutter and repaint the door. We have been in the house for over a year, and they are still willing to fix any issues we have at no cost to us and in a timely matter. We feel confident that they will continue to stand by their product because they take pride in the work they do.

We love our home, and couldn't have been happier with Meridian!

Jeff Goll

I recently purchased a new townhouse built by Meridian Homes. It has been a pleasure from the start of this process to closing. From Day 1 - Howard Axner and Ryan Courech provided outstanding customer service. They were and still are always available to answer questions and provide support.  They went over and above making sure I had all the information I needed after the sale including all electrical, HVAC, Plumbing (and more) contacts as well as providing detailed information about the workings of the house. The house is well constructed with all the latest in modern development.

Not only did they build my house but they also established great relationships with my neighbors during the development including providing amenities for their homes as well.

I picked a great developer--Meridian Homes!


Our new home truly is our dream home! We were so blown away at the level of detail that was considered for every single room in this house. From the unique tile work in each bathroom, paneling done on the first floor, the dream kitchen, etc. It is more than we could have ever dreamt of (and certainly would not have picked out ourselves!). The quality of materials used is exceptional. And the quality of work met all of our expectations.  If we ever leave this house (not likely!), we would move to another Meridan home!