How We Build

Experience the A&R Meridian Home Building Advantage

How We Build

A&R Meridian is known for its beautiful high-quality finishes, with infused natural elements to help you make a house a home. A&R Meridian knows how to create indoor and outdoor spaces to help inspire a sanctuary feeling throughout the home.

A Multifunctional Purpose


A kitchen is the heart of the home, everyone’s favorite gathering post. The kitchen is where style and functionality must go hand in hand. The A&R Meridian team uses impeccable finishes to create the perfect kitchen for a chef, or a parent making school lunches. 

Designing a kitchen is complicated because of the need for its versatility. Leverage A&R Meridian’s expertise to help you create a timeless, high-functioning space. 

Kitchen design involves strategically placing appliances, storage zones (pantries and other types), bars, seating, and so much more. 

A truly wonderful kitchen serves a multifunctional purpose. At times it is a social area; other times, a family command center, while being the perfect place to prep and make meals throughout the day.

No other room in the house has to do so much. This is why our team takes extraordinary care when designing kitchens that our families will use for years to come. 

Feel Like a Sanctuary


Our bathrooms are created with the goal of having a soothing spa feel, to help families unwind from the complex demands of today’s living. 

Inspiration is built into every detail. We create bathrooms that will be a refuge for rejuvenation. 

We believe every finish should be beautiful and functional. We strike the right balance of textures in our bathrooms to make your space feel more inviting and appealing to the eye. And, we believe every master bathroom should feel like a sanctuary and a place you want to highlight on your tour for guests.

How We Build

After the design and structural process is complete and signed off, Meridian begins to mobilize for construction.  This first includes reviewing and preparing to permit documents for construction to begin.

Once permits are issued, A&R Meridian begins your foundation work.  

Framing goes up. 

Once the work begins, A&R Meridian will implement a detailed and comprehensive QA check for all our homes.  This includes regular structural checks of the foundation, tie beams, and framing.  

After that, our quality checks rotate to make sure we finish your house just as you expect.  We review design books, fixtures, trim, and cabinets to ensure each meets our quality standards and is located correctly.

A&R Meridian typically will schedule walks with our customers at a few stages in construction, such as the completion of rough-ins of plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and Windows.  During the final walk-thru, we will create a final punch list.

A&R Meridian takes incredible pride in each house they build, while also ensuring quality construction and the highest quality craftsmanship.

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Proactive communication is essential. Through our construction management software BuilderTrend you have 24/7 access to your project and for the 1 year of your warranty.  

The system allows you to easily make payments for draws, approve and pay change orders, submit and review files, and make warranty claims and more.

Home Warranty

A&R Meridian has become a home building powerhouse in Florida because of its high-quality finishes, quality construction, impeccable architecture, and limited warranty for home buyers.