Seaglass Interiors

Experience the A&R Meridian Home Building Advantage


As an interior designer, I understand the enormous value of working with a builder who listens. I have worked with Meridian Homes on two recent projects. In both cases, Ryan and Howard at Meridian Homes, have made it clear that they value design details. They listen to their clients and collaborate with experts to create designer homes.

Your home is a big investment. Meridian Homes understands the market and the importance of resale value. Their combined experience flipping homes and investing in real estate gives them an edge that not all builders have.

When choosing a builder to renovate your existing space or build your dream home from the ground up, you will have confidence in your decisions knowing that Meridian Homes will guide you in the right direction throughout the entire building process.

There's no limit to what can be accomplished when collaboration between trades is encouraged and supported. Bringing designs to fruition is extremely exciting and I highly recommend allowing Meridian Homes to lead the way on your future home!

Seaglass Interiors