Jeff Goll

Experience the A&R Meridian Home Building Advantage


We love our new house built by Meridian Homes. Meridian takes pride in their work, and they stand by their product. Unlike some mass production builders that we looked at, Meridian spent quality time working with us to build our home. Even though they had already finished the design of our house by the time we bought in, the process felt very personal. We were impressed by all the design choices they made so we didn't really have to change anything. I am extremely impressed with the quality of construction, materials, appliances, and detail work.

I would say that the best thing I can say about Meridian, other than the quality of the work they do, is that they stand by their product. Like in any new construction, we have had a few small issues since we moved in (Jan 2014). They have been 100% accessible and responsive which, as I have heard from friends, is rare among most builders. I have Ryan's direct cell phone number, and he picks up when I call. He and the team bend over backwards for us to make us happy which is the biggest reason that I would recommend them to a friend.

For example, we had an issue with our gutter on the back porch that caused some water damage to the paint on the back door. They wasted no time in getting back over to replace the gutter and repaint the door. We have been in the house for over a year, and they are still willing to fix any issues we have at no cost to us and in a timely matter. We feel confident that they will continue to stand by their product because they take pride in the work they do.

We love our home, and couldn't have been happier with Meridian!

Jeff Goll